Rebecca Thomson (UK) – TAE Official Blogger

On Twitter, @artychat

Rebecca Thomson was born and brought up in Scotland and studied Art History at St Andrews University. Married with three children, she has a long-standing career in sales, marketing, and new business development.

She is passionate about supporting art and artists and founded the twitter platform @artychat.  Organized, regular tweet chats are held on @artychat, where like-minded people can learn and share knowledge and experience whilst simultaneously creating an artist's network.


Coming across Twitter Art Exhibit early on in her twitter life, she hugely admires what they do for charities, art, and artists. In writing the TAE Blog, Rebecca hopes that her small contribution will help keep people talking and supporting this fantastic exhibition.




Adam Brant (Bedfordshire, UK) – TAE Official Blogger

On Twitter, @brantus

Adam Brant is a UK based visual artist specializing in painting and drawing. He graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Hull, Scarborough Campus in 2002 (and says that studying by the seaside was as fun as it sounds!). Adam has continued to create and exhibit work since he graduated, fitting time in the art studio around office-based jobs. He currently lives and works in Bedfordshire, UK.

During his studies, Adam was lucky enough to spend a month at the Cyprus College of Art as part of a student exchange programme. He credits the inspiration he found from observing ways the modern world impacted the ancient history of the island as helping him to establish his identity as an artist.

Adam’s work is influenced by the tradition of still life painting, but he uses both objects and environments as sources of inspiration. His work explores the tension that exists in the relationship between the past, present, and future, and how our memories affect our response to this. Adam creates his work by building layers of marks, images, and color, often combining painted and drawn marks within each layer. This results in semi-abstract artworks which are often bold in color, combining expressive marks with fine detail. Through his work, Adam hopes to encourage the importance of refection in our fast-paced society.

Adam has taken part in all of the TAE’s and is excited to have an opportunity to extend his support by helping to share news about the exhibition to inspire others. 




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